Night Walks

Observation of nightlife in the forest.

Ecological Sanctuary Reserve

A real experience!

Cerro plano, Monteverde

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Entrance Only

Guide (optional) Not included.

Our family wakes up early at the warmth of the wooden stove, we gather to plan the day around the flavor of handmade tortillas. We grew up at the shade of the great ficus and enjoys the songs of the free birds and the mischievous monkeys, cultivate life and food to help us survive in an economy in which money has value, but we have the certain that it is not all !!!

We are a local family and our job is to share the life philosophy that we got as a heritage, communion with the great diversity in which we have the opportunity of walking up, working on the conservation of the forest and offering  visitors the unforgettable experience of nature image, walking through our different trails you will encounter a transition forest a bridge between  The Cloud Forest and the Dry Forest; with an abundance of endemic and fruit bearing trees in the area that make it idoneus birds watching, wildlife observation and wide array flora that characterizes the area. You will be surprised by two beautiful waterfalls, panoramic views, coffee and banana plantations grown in harmony with the rich biodiversity of 48 hectares of protected area.

Birdwatching Tour: This tour allows us to have direct contact with wildlife in their natural habitat.You will see a variety of tropical birds and enjoy the lush flora and fauna of the area. Among the many birds that we see are: quetzales, Bellbirds, Manakins, tailed flycatchers, trogones, yigüirros, hummingbirds, hawks, toucans, howler monkeys and more …
Come and enjoy with us the delights of the rainforest.

Night Walk: At the end of the day can enjoy an amazing and unforgettable night hike, during the tour you can see birds, tarantulas, gray foxes, snakes, insects, amphibians and many species that appear during the night because most of these species are nocturnal, providing a unique and different experience.

Guides will explain about the darkness of the rainforest and the creatures that live there and if you’re lucky and pays close attention in the area could see a puma.

The sanctuary gives enthusiasts an excellent opportunity to get a glimpse of the biodiversity that calls this unique refuge home.


Can we get in the waterfalls? No, it is not recommended.

Can we walk a few hours and return in the afternoon? Yes, the general admission is for all day until 5pm

Can we camping? No, we do not have a conditioned area.

Is it safe to walk in the woods alone? yes, you just need to stay on the trails and not  touch or collect animals, insects or vegetation.

We need a guide to walking in the woods? It is not necessary, however we recommend it as experience guide will help you learn more of the secrets of the forest and the sighting of animals and birds.

 Transportation options:

Transportation is included only for the Nightwalk.

Minimum and maximum duration of a self-guided walk: 

Minimum: 45min

Maximum: all day 7am to 5pm


Adult                      $15.00

Student                  $10.00

Kids                       $7.00

The guide is not included in the price

Prices are per person.

We consider students from 12- 16 years old, adults only with Student ID. We consider children from 5 to 11 years old.

Children from 0 to 4 years do not pay.

Schedule: from Monday to Sunday  from 7:00am to 5:00pm



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